QR8it with QR8ive Analytics

The most advanced mobile QR analytics on the planet!

Check your analytics on the go with our fully optimised mobile software.

Geolocation Tracking

Track QR Codes for improved localised marketing to get your strategies spot on... literally!

FREE 'MyTag' for your Business Card*

My clients always have my current contact details with a MyTag Business Card QR Code.

Got A Mobile App?

Automatically direct users to the right App Store using a single QR Code

Qr8ive QR Custom Design Service

Want to get QR8ive with your QR code?  Jazz it up a little?

We provide a custom QR code design service where we change the appearance of the code to make it stand out and become more attractive to your customers. You can even add your company logo inside the code!

How does it work?

If you’ve already signed up to Qr8ive Analytics, you can create your own QR code and then send us a copy, along with your logo and a short summary of how you would like your finished QR code to look. Our graphic designers will then redesign your QR code and contact you with a draft copy.

Once you agree any changes, and the necessary checks have been carried out to ensure it is still readable, we will send you a final copy for approval.

When you are happy with the final result, we will then invoice you via email. On receipt of your payment we will send you the finished, high quality QR code ready for you to take to print.

New Customers!

Send your logo and requirements to:  getqr8ive@qr8it.net and we will contact you directly to discuss how you want your QR code to look.

If you already have a QR code or are currently using an alternative QR code management service, please state this in your email as we can work with your existing QR code or generate you a new one that will point to your existing management service.

To use the custom design service you do not need to sign-up to the QR8ive Analytics service.